Preserving Health Promoting Healing

The term health care has a meaning which remains ever changing. This is due, in part, to continuous progress that is made toward understanding all the factors which affect our health. Advancements in technology contribute to our discernment of the mechanics behind illness and disease. Yet, we also recognize other components, more individual and spiritual, which play an integral part in well-being. This spiritual aspect can be a powerful tool in the preservation of health, in promoting healing, and ultimately, in the acceptance of death.



Promoting a unified model of health and healing through the integration of spiritual and physiological care.

The Foundation for Spirituality and Medicine, Inc. promotes a model of health and healing that recognizes every person’s spiritual as well as physiological needs. Our mission is based upon the increasingly accepted knowledge that physiologic, social, psychological and spiritual factors all contribute to preserving health, and facilitating recovery.

In order to accomplish our mission, we are making grants available for the support of projects which

(i)             use a unified model of health and healing to educate health care providers, spiritual leaders, and other individuals within these fields;

(ii)             involve research testing a unified model; or

(iii)             demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of services that combine physiological health care delivery with efforts to meet spirituality needs.

            The Foundation is a nonprofit organization exempt from taxation under §501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Foundation’s Board of Directors includes physicians and nurses from several prominent medical institutions, as well as representatives of a wide variety of religious faiths.  The Foundation is not associated with or sponsored by any educational institution, religious group, or other organization.

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